helping sizes compared to household items that may help you estimate your portion sizes: serving of rice or pasta a cup : a computer mouse or rounded handful. serving of meat oz : a thermo burn deck of cards. serving of fish oz : a check book. serving of cheese oz : a lipstick or the size of your thumb. serving of fresh fruitcup : a tennis bal serving of for example cup : a baseball. serving of fresh vegetables a cup : a computer mouse. teaspoon of olive oil: finertip. tablespoons of peanut butter: a ping pong ball. Calorie tracking isn't theory, even when you weigh and measure portions. However, it's not necessary to be absolutely spot-on with your measurements. Just make sure to record your intake as accurately as you can. You should be most careful about recording items that are perfect in thermo burn and/or glucose, such as pizza, ice cream and oils. Under-recording these meals can cause a big difference between your recorded and actual intake. To improve your estimations, you can try